The People Who Build Our Dream

For those who care.

This is the story about the hardest problem I’ve ever faced, and the simplest solution I ever came up with.

It starts somewhere right around spring of 2018, after the very first REAMO collection. The drop was a success and it was the time for us to reach bigger and better things.

The only thing was, we couldn’t reach those by printing on blanks.

So I researched, asked around and finally got in contact with a production team in Turkey.

I still remember what my first business trip felt like and how excited I was.

The first part of the excitement was:

I take business trips now.

The second part was that I was meeting the people that were supposed take us to the next level.

And honestly, everything went great. They were professional and knew what they were doing, but it just didn’t feel right to me.

They wanted me to order 2500 pieces and at this point REAMO was still barely more than a bedroom project.

All my excitement and happiness were gone and I was close to giving up at this point because I didn’t know how or where I was supposed to produce the clothes.

My sister gave me some last hope by connecting me with some guy in Bangladesh. The guy told me he was willing to help and he already handled the production for some big brands in the fashion industry.

The excitement kicked in again as I imagined REAMO next to the names he told me about.

Well it turned out that his minimum order was at 50.000 pieces.

Like Bro.
Fuck that.

He told me he liked the brand and the fact that somebody that was kinda local, was trying to do something in Bangladesh. So his last offer was 25.000 pieces.

Very nice of him. Still fuck that.

But the thing he said resonated with me and I decided to look further in my home country of Bangladesh.

I wanted to take a different approach. I flew out there and lived with my uncle for three months to clear my head and find out more about the production process.

The plan was to find a local production facility that offered what I was looking for, but I wasn’t having any success.

Until one day my uncle then came up with the idea to open our own little production facility, where we could make as many pieces as we wanted in the quality we needed.

This was at the end of 2018.

Do you believe it took me almost a year just to realize we could do this?

Like this whole time I was failing to find somebody that shared my vision and the whole time I already had everything that I needed right there?

The production could be homegrown.

We could look after the people and be sure they are being treated and paid right.

For the first time in a long time the decision felt so easy.

We talked to some people in the industry and got their guidance. We spent a whole week just driving around my city, going from one production facility to the next, recruiting people for our team.

With each stop the team of same minded people grew larger and soon we had a whole production team.

The whole thing felt like a movie.

And more importantly it felt so right.

We gathered all the money we could, rented a small space, bought  some used machines and made our second ever collection over there.

I finally found the solution to my problem and ended up regaining the connection I had lost to my home country. And because of this, because Bangladesh ended up saving me when I thought everything was over, is why I feel that I owe it so much.

I want the people over there, the people behind the production, to get the respect, treatment and payment that they deserve. Because they are the ones who help you become the best version of yourself.

Because they are the people who build our dream..

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