Welcome To Reamo Family
Welcome To Reamo Family

Welcome To Reamo Family

Hi. Welcome to the family.

You know whats going on here, so I’ll spare you the introduction.

Let me introduce you to the guy in the picture up there.

His name is Ohnok.

Some of you might recognize that name.
You guys are the fucking OGs around here.

Just like REAMO and a lot of you probably as well, Ohnok has great things planned for 2022. The only thing is, he knows what his goals are, but he has absolutely no idea how to get there.

He has tried in the past but failed.

But trust me.
This time, Ohnok will get there.

This blog will serve as a journal for his story. We will follow him throughout his journey, watch him improve, try and learn new things and smash through all his goals.

And by doing this, you can also pick up on all the things he will go through.

Trust me, it’s better to learn from his mistakes than from your own.

But what are his goals actually? Losing weight, saving money, ending COVID?

Well, even the simplest way to put it is complicated, but bear with me.

His plan is total redefinition and health.

Ohnok has his interests, things like fashion, music and other things you know and love. But he has always been a bit passive about them.

He never lived his interests, he just liked them.

So the plan is pretty much this: stepping into his interests, making the best out of them and redefining himself to the best version of himself he could ever possibly be.

The health part is pretty broad as well. I do not mean just physical health, but mental health and keeping healthy relationships as well.

Especially today and especially with these mentioned interests, this whole world, social media and people involved can harm your health.

So what was the problem, why couldn’t he accomplish these things in the past? If you have ever tried to fulfill some of these goals yourself, you probably know where the problems lie.

And you know it’s fucking hard and takes a long time.

Let’s take fashion as an example. Let’s say you are really into fashion but only participate from the sidelines.

You know everything about it but you are just not on that level that you know you could be on.

You want to stop being an observer and get fully into it or you just want to improve your game.

Or maybe you were really into fashion when skinny jeans and longline tees were THE thing to wear. But then you fell out of it and now everybody is talking about baggy oversized fits and earth tones.

You can’t take out your red Sixth June sneakers out of your closet and expect to continue where you left off.

So where do you go from here? What is stopping you?

Probably one of these

All of these things can be summarized like this: overwhelming.

I know how it feels to be lost, overwhelmed or even intimidated when it comes to dressing your best. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Fashion trends are constantly changing, there are endless retail brands who all offer the same things, so you don’t even know where to start.

You may even have a lot of clothes but lack the ideas or energy needed to combine them to create inspiring outfits.

Nobody should have to feel like this when getting into their interests, but the fucked up thing is that this is the reality for many of us, including Ohnok. And this is true for pretty much every interest you can think of.

I just picked fashion because of obvious reasons.

Real talk:  The idea behind this blog is to offer our closest followers a little bit of navigation through this overwhelming world.

We want to make it as simple as possible to be the best and most creative version of yourself.

We plan to do this through Ohnok, whose change and improvements will become apparent with every single blog post. We have always been about fashion.

So, of course, much of the focus here will be put on that as well.

But we are going to talk about so much more: physical & mental health, home decor, self care, music, family…

This year is going to be a big one for REAMO and for Ohnok. Hopefully also for you. The blog will be here to accompany all three of us on this path to improvement.

We would love to be a part of your journey, no matter how big or small and no matter what direction you plan on going.

As mentioned, we will be taking a look at many different things. Already next week we are starting with tips for rebuilding yourself and will be offering you some building blocks to kickstart your journey towards a better you.


So, let me welcome you to the family again.




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